Hi there, my name is Annalisa Agresta and I am the artist behind Annalisa Fine Art. I am based in Australia. I have always loved art since a child, I especially love to paint and create things with my hands.

While my life took me on my journey, I never took up art seriously. After school, I travelled to Italy - what a beautiful country! As a child I lived in Italy in a beautiful small village surrounded by the countryside - hills, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and snow - I loved the snow! I remember my father coming into our room waking us up and asked us to look outside the window. I was so stunned by the beautiful view from our fourth-floor apartment building. Everything was completely white! While I was gasping with joy I asked my father what it was. While he was explaining it to me, my mum quickly helped me to dress with the warmest of clothes - too excited, I ran down the stairs and jumped into the snow, it was the best thing ever!

Anyway, after returning to Australia, I finished school and went to  University. After completing my degree in Business,  I then moved to the city and it certainly was a challenging time for me.  I worked in the higher education sector for 15 years, but I never felt fully satisfied, something was missing and I felt miserable. I eventually had a nervous breakdown and struggled to live my life to my fullest. 

One day, while walking around the shopping mall I noticed a small corner shop displaying colourful artworks and a girl painting. The shop was selling Paint-by-Numbers, I loved them. So I bought a few;  I loved painting them and seeing my completed work. They looked great. I knew then that this is what I wanted to keep doing - paint.

After 5 years, I wanted to do my own thing as I felt a little restricted with the Paint-by-Numbers. So, I went online and found lots of tutorial/classes that I started to follow and learn from.

After another challenging time in my life, I opened my own home-based business and forgot about painting for a while. 

Within the last two years, while my business venture was slowing down, I decided and knew it was time to take my passion and love of art seriously. I felt I needed further help to refine my skills and techniques to pursue my new career goals - this is when I decided to study a Bachelor of Visual Art while creating beautiful work in my studio. So, here I am - starting on an exciting art journey that I look forward to sharing with you and hope you can support me on the way by letting your family, friends and colleagues know about me.

From your friendly artist

Annalisa Agresta